An Ohio man fishing in the surf pulls in a 6-foot shark off the NC Outer Banks

Troy Rachel from Ohio caught a 6-foot Hammerhead off Avon Monday, according to his bait supplier, Frank & Fran’s Fisherman’s Friend. (Twitter screenshot)

OUTER BANKS, NC (Mark Price/Charlotte Observer) – An Ohio man fishing in the surf at North Carolina’s Outer Banks found himself tugging in a 6-foot shark that more than outweighed him.

It was identified as a hammerhead, a type of shark that National Geographic calls a "consummate predator."

Troy Rachel of Toledo caught it Monday in Avon, north of Hatteras Island, using cut mullet as bait. His bait supplier, Frank & Fran’s Fisherman’s Friend, posted a photo of the catch on Facebook. It has since been shared nearly 2,300 times.

Some hammerheads can live up to 30 years, growing 20 feet long and up to 1,000 pounds, says National Geographic.

Experts say most hammerhead attacks involving humans are rare. “However, the great hammerhead’s enormous size and fierceness make it potentially dangerous,” says National Geographic.

Hammerhead sharks as long as 8 feet have been caught along the Outer Banks in the past decade.

The website North Carolina Coast Watch notes hammerheads have been affected by overfishing off the Carolinas and fishing is now managed by limits on fishing.

Rachel released his catch back into the ocean, reported Frank & Franks on Facebook.

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